Bryn Mawr Stories

Hazel & Lillian Moffat '22

Love Under the Rock Arch

"Maybe kissing under the Rock Arch on our first month anniversary was magical all along."

Hazel & Lillian
Maggie Pavao

Maggie Pavao '25

Hometown: Belmont, CA

"I never thought of myself as a really independent person, but I feel like college really allows you to explore that."

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Olivia Flores

Olivia Flores '26

Hometown: Napa, CA

"There are so many different interests and parts of yourself you鈥檒l find at Bryn Mawr that you don't even know exist yet."

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Emma Ryan

Emma Ryan '24

Hometown: Centennial, CO

"My college search wasn鈥檛 only about where I would get the most playing time or which team I liked the most鈥攁 lot of my decision was about the fact that I really liked Bryn Mawr as a school, I really liked the people here, and I wanted to be here whether or not I was playing soccer."

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Maya Hofstetter

Maya Hofstetter '25

Hometown: Takoma Park, MD

"At Bryn Mawr, there鈥檚 never a question if a student is capable of something鈥攊t鈥檚 assumed that they are."

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Matt Mundy M.S.S. '22


鈥淢y guiding light was wanting to help people, and as hard as things can get in graduate school, I just focused on my 鈥榳hy鈥: wanting to help others.鈥

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Major Moment: Literatures in English with Bethany Wisdom '24

Hometown: Llanelli, Wales, UK

"Enjoy the process of exploring and growing, it will only give you more clarity and more chances to discover what you really love learning!"

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Ivy Elwell

Ivy Elwell M.S.S. '23 Goes from Stage to Service

GSSWSR Career Changer

鈥淲hereas other programs I was considering made me feel like I had to fit into their mold, Bryn Mawr welcomed my background, and what I could bring to their program and the field.鈥

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Alexa Lebr贸n-Cruz '22

Lebr贸n-Cruz is the lead author on an article that looks at essentialist Beliefs and neurodivergent identification

"While the literature primarily focuses on how dominant group members use essentialist beliefs to oppress others, there is a pocket of research looking at how subordinated group members used essentialist beliefs as a tool for empowerment."

Alexa Lebr贸n-Cruz '22
Kate Petrova '20 is now a PhD candidate for psychology at Stanford University

Alumni Spotlight: Kate Petrova

Class of 2020

"Living and learning alongside so many incredible, talented, and unique individuals empowered me to express myself authentically, without fear or shame."聽

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Abby Fortune, Emma Gross, and Ava Blumber at Taft Garden during the summer

Major Moment: International Studies with Emma Gross '25

Hometown: Ottsville, PA

"The best thing you can do is allow yourself to explore and try as many new things as possible and then run with what feels the most exciting."

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Adalia Rodriguez '24 at Grand Canyon

Major Moment: Geology with Adalia Rodriguez '24

Hometown: Boston, MA

"While we can sit and spend hours on these topics in the classroom, nothing can top being out in the field and seeing how geology from millions to billions of years ago is represented in the modern world."

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