Admissions Stories

Una Yamamoto Barkadottir '24

Major Moment: Biology with Una Yamamoto Barkardottir '24

Hometown: Reykjav铆k, Iceland

"College is a time to find your footing, so make use of this privilege and enjoy your time doing so."

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map of local bookstores in Philadelphia

Bookstore Crawl with Tri-Co Philly Program: Sofia Azuara '25

Hometown: Houston, TX

"Tri-Co Philly has provided me with the opportunity to dive deeper into Philadelphia and learn about these amazing, local circles such as its literary scene."

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Sofia Azuara '25 at Club Day

Major Moment: Creative Writing with Sofia Azuara '25

Hometown: Houston, TX

"Trust yourself, you know what you like and what you don鈥檛 like. You know what works for you. Whatever you decide on will be worthwhile."

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Sofia Azuara '25

Actualizing Dreams through the BMC Reading Series: Sofia Azuara '25

Hometown: Houston, TX

"Not only is it a wonderful experience for the students to listen to published authors speak, but it's also a step in actualizing our dreams."

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Major Moment: Biochemistry and French with Lia Wong-Fodor '26

Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand

"Every course I take continues to confirm my passion for biochemistry and French, offering new opportunities to develop my understanding of each subject from a different perspective."

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Katherine, Madeleine '27, and Tom Carroll at orientation

Finding Her Path: Tom Carroll P'27

Parents to Madeleine Carroll '27

"We鈥檙e in that special time when something you committed to is turning out to be far better鈥攔icher, deeper鈥攖han you imagined."

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All dressed up for May Day

Lia Wong-Fodor '26

Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand

"Bryn Mawr students are a force to be reckoned with鈥攃hangemakers may seem like a clich茅 term, but our students are really driven to create the world they want to see."

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Annalise Ashman

Annalise Ashman '24

Hometown: Tyrone, GA

鈥淚 knew that something I wanted in a community was to feel part of something bigger than myself, and that鈥檚 here at Bryn Mawr.鈥

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Maya Hofstetter

Maya Hofstetter '25

Hometown: Takoma Park, MD

"At Bryn Mawr, there鈥檚 never a question if a student is capable of something鈥攊t鈥檚 assumed that they are."

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Maggie Pavao

Maggie Pavao '25

Hometown: Belmont, CA

"I never thought of myself as a really independent person, but I feel like college really allows you to explore that."

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Olivia Flores

Olivia Flores '26

Hometown: Napa, CA

"There are so many different interests and parts of yourself you鈥檒l find at Bryn Mawr that you don't even know exist yet."

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Emma Ryan

Emma Ryan '24

Hometown: Centennial, CO

"My college search wasn鈥檛 only about where I would get the most playing time or which team I liked the most鈥攁 lot of my decision was about the fact that I really liked Bryn Mawr as a school, I really liked the people here, and I wanted to be here whether or not I was playing soccer."

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